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Wood-Aluminium Windows

With wood-aluminium windows you get the charm, warmth, comfort and uniqueness of wood on the inside and gain the strength, durability and ease of maintenance that aluminium offers on the outside.

A combination for demanding customers with a focus on quality above all else.

Mestre Raposa’s wood-aluminium windows can be installed and used in all types of buildings, whether residential, commercial or industrial. Made-to-measure manufacturing allows them to be adapted to renovations and new constructions. Present us with your project and get to know our quality offer.

Wood-Aluminium Windows

Wood-Aluminium Windows

Advantages of wood-aluminium windows

The wood-aluminium windows provide the best qualities of both materials achieving a state-of-the-art equipment in its performance.

On the inside, wood optimises comfort while improving insulation levels. And on the exterior, aluminium provides excellent structural integrity, which increases weather resistance, gives greater durability and offers more versatility in terms of design and colour.


Efficient windows result from thermal insulation properties combined with resistance to the weather elements. This helps reduce your home’s energy bills when it comes to heating or cooling, contributes to sustainable environments and boosts more pleasant interior spaces.

Efficient Windows

Wood-aluminium windows: Singularity combined with strength and durability.

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Made-to-measure wood-aluminium windows

We install bespoke Wood-aluminium windows to cover all the design solutions your home asks for, from traditional to contemporary, in different sizes, shapes and styles.

These premium fixtures are available in all RAL colours, and it is even possible to have a “natural wood” finish on the aluminium exterior, which gives you freedom of choice to meet all your project expectations and requirements.

Made-to-measure wood-aluminium windows

What is your style?

Our experts walk you through the numerous options for your wood-aluminium doors and windows.

Listen to your home. Choose your style. Have a home that suits your needs with a harmonised façade.



Finishes with straight lines. In minimalist spaces with modern and natural design for homes with large dimensions.


Advantages of wood-aluminium windows


We add value to your project by combining the natural finishes of wood and the strength of aluminium.


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Wood-aluminium windows will revolutionise your home and add value to your projects.

Create the perfect atmosphere for the full satisfaction of arriving home.

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