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Wooden Doors

Extremely energy efficient, wooden doors contribute to increasing the thermal and acoustic insulation of your home.

Available in pine, oak, larch and meranti wood, they bring a unique and welcoming charm to every home and can be customised, according to your needs and tastes, to have a more modern or more classic style.

And because they are made of wood, the manufacturing process is more ecological and environmentally friendly, with less energy being used in their production.

Wooden Doors

Wooden Doors

Wooden Entrance

  • Cross section of 68, 78 or 88×82 mm, they can be single, double or pivoting doors, and open inwards or outwards;
  • Height up to 3000 mm and its width can go up to 1200 mm for single doors and 2400 mm for double doors;
  • Our profiles allow the use of different handles or knobs. There is total freedom of choice of fittings and hinges (which can support up to 150 kg.);
  • Sealants inside and out for a perfect finish;
  • The interior of its sandwich panels is filled with extruded polyurethane for superior insulation, while also preventing condensation;
  • Extremely efficient in energy terms, Mestre Raposa’s wooden entrance doors contribute to increasing the thermal and acoustic insulation of your home, keeping the interior environment cosy and pleasant at different times of the year.


Our Wooden entrance doors are top-of-the-range security doors They have multiple locking points and can be fitted with various anti-burglary options. These can include armoured glass units and decorative security grilles, which beautify and protect at the same time.

Security Doors

Wooden doors: High protection and comfort with a 10-year warranty.

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Made-to-measure Wooden Doors

We make wooden doors to suit your project.

Thanks to their exclusive high-tech design, Mestre Raposa entrance doors can come in different sizes and shapes, from standard rectangular to less usual formats, including arched and even oblique doors.

If you need more light inside your house, we can also equip them with some glass panels. At Mestre Raposa everything is customisable and made to measure for your needs and tastes.

Made-to-measure Wooden Doors

What is your style?

Our experts walk you through the numerous options for your wooden doors and windows.

Listen to your home. Choose your style. Have a home that suits your needs with a harmonised façade.

Wooden Entrance Doors


We bring back the richness of the old details and introduce improvements in functionality, quality and comfort (thermal and acoustic).




We add value to your project by combining the natural finishes of wood and the strength of aluminium.


Do you have a project?

Mestre Raposa’s wooden entrance doors are made from laminated wood for durability and structural stability.

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