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Wood-Aluminium Doors

Mestre Raposa’s wood-aluminium doors combine the best of both worlds: wood and aluminium.

Wood is a noble and elegant material that provides high technical performance and beauty, adding a warm and natural touch to your home interior.

The aluminium coating, on the external side, gives it extreme resistance, effective and permanent protection, ease of maintenance and opens new paths to design, as it is a 100% creative and architectural material, per excellence.

Wood-Aluminium Doors

Wood-Aluminium Doors

Aluminium Wooden
Entrance Doors

  • With our wood-aluminium entrance doors, you will have on the outside an aluminium door that combines modernity, robustness and design and on the inside a wooden door that gives your home that unique and welcoming atmosphere;
  • They are made of laminated wood for greater stability, they can be double, single or pivoting, and can be open to the outside or the inside;
  • Superior durability. The robustness and strength of aluminium provides greater protection against the weather elements;
  • Energy efficiency. The wooden structure ensures superior thermal insulation;
  • Noise insulation for greater peace of mind;
  • Freedom of design, as it is a 100% creative and architectural material par excellence.

Wood-aluminium doors: Combination of the best of two materials for top performance with a 10-year warranty.

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Made-to-measure Entrance Doors

At Mestre Raposa we install entrance doors to suit your needs.

Wood-aluminium doors can be equipped with various anti-burglary options, for added security, and offer total design flexibility, as they can have different sizes, shapes and various colours and finishes, both on the aluminium and on the wooden part.

Made-to-measure Entrance Doors

What is your style?

Our experts walk you through the numerous options for your wooden doors and windows.

Listen to your home. Choose your style. Have a home that suits your needs with a harmonised façade.

Aluminium Wooden Entrance Doors


Finishes with straight lines. In minimalist spaces with a modern and natural design for homes with large dimensions.




We add value to your project by combining the natural finishes of wood and the strength of aluminium.


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Mestre Raposa’s wood-aluminium entrance doors are the ideal solution for our most demanding clients and for the most special projects.

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