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Zip Screen Sun Protection

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Window Protection

Sturdy, modern and functional, Zip Screen is a window protection that can include a remote control for added convenience.

Zip Screens have a vertical guide along their entire height and, when fully closed, are wind resistant and waterproof.

From the energy point of view, this equipment is extremely efficient. Your home will stay pleasantly cool in summer, avoiding cooling costs. In winter, the heat will be kept inside, saving you money on heating.

Window Protection

Window Protection

Zip Screen Sun Protection

Zip Screen sun protection is the perfect solution for largely glazed surfaces.

Do you want your windows to be accessory free but want to maintain privacy? Need shade to make your energy costs more efficient by eschewing traditional models? Truly multi-purpose, Zip Screen solar protection acts against the sun’s rays and UV rays entering, without harming the view outside. At the same time, it protects against heat and insects. It can also be used as an exterior or interior shading option, replacing blinds and curtains.

Zip Screen

  • UV protection;
  • Wind and weather resistant;
  • Various fabrics and colours available;
  • Blackout” option for total room darkening;
  • Motor and remote control option;
  • Available with a maximum width of 6 metres.

of Zip Screen

  • Helps reduce energy costs;
  • Reflects solar radiation up to 70%;
  • Can be used for shading;
  • Protection against insects;
  • Replaces blinds and curtains;
  • It can be applied outside or inside glass doors and windows.

Advantages of Zip Screen

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Zip Screen window protection is versatile and available in different colours and fabrics.

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