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Improve the thermal efficiency of your home with shutters from Mestre Raposa.

Available in wood and aluminium, you can choose from a wide variety of styles and designs, colours and finishes, and decide whether you want them mounted on the outside or inside of the window.

Fully customisable, they are perfect for every room in your home, from the bathroom to the master bedroom, the kitchen and the living room.

Make your windows the centrepiece of your home with our range of wooden and aluminium shutters, in styles to match the architecture and construction of your home.



Window Shutters

The window shutters feature robust manufacturing, following the most demanding German standards.

They are made to ensure durability and resistance to both UV rays and rain, as well as to strong winds, thus ensuring they are prepared to withstand the harshest weather conditions.

Advantages of Shutters

The advantages of shutters are related to the easy control of the luminosity that enters your home in addition to warrantying absolute privacy.

They will also allow you to make big energy savings and decrease your monthly heating or cooling bills, as they will prevent the sun from directly hitting the windows heating the room in the summer and, help preserve the warmth inside and the cold outside in the winter.


Aluminium shutters are very versatile and allow you to choose from a wide variety of models, sizes and colours to blend in perfectly with the aesthetics of your home, while ensuring their function is strong and durable.

Aluminium Shutters

Wooden Shutters


Wooden shutters have a classic design that visually enriches your construction, giving it a rustic or traditional look without neglecting the function of privacy, darkness, insulation and protection.


Interior shutters are designed and implemented according to the colour of your windows for total harmonisation. They are simple to handle from the inside and fulfil the functions of insulation and light entry control.

Interior Shutters

External Shutters


External shutters are highly resistant to the climate and often eliminate the need to install blinds, improving the level of thermal insulation, reducing noise and increasing security.

Made-to-measure Shutters

We make shutters to suit your project.

A shutter with a traditional look or a more modern and contemporary style. You can choose how many panels you want, where you prefer the openings and whether they are interior or exterior. The shutters will blend naturally with the style of your home, becoming an integral and fundamental part of it.

Made-to-measure Shutters

Do you have a project?

Make your windows the centrepiece of your home with our range of window shutters.

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