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Mosquito Nets

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Mosquito Nets

Mosquito nets incorporated into doors and windows, giving access to balconies, patios, terraces or gardens are the ideal protection against insects entering inside homes.

They can be made to measure to fully fit openings of different heights and widths.

Also, as insect protection, you might consider using a Zip Screen and have at the same time, an extra shading option.

Mosquito Nets

Pleated mosquito nets are supplied with one or two sheets with a central magnetic joint, or up to six sheets can be interconnected. The absence of a guide on the floor means that there is no threshold on which to trip and so passage is completely open and free. In addition, cleaning is made easier.

Plissé Mosquito Nets

Fixed Mosquito Nets

Mosquito Nets

Fixed mosquito nets can be used on windows and balcony doors. With thermolacquered aluminium profiles and a fibreglass net texture. They are highly resistant and durable. As their name indicates, being fixed, they are ideal for placing on doors and windows that do not require frequent passage and opening.

Mosquito Nets
in Roll

Roll-up mosquito nets are adjustable to almost all types of windows on the inside or outside, thus not preventing them from opening and closing. They are installed on their upper part and work with a rolling up system. When fully raised and rolled up they disappear completely inside their box.

Mosquito Nets in Roll

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